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    • Popular Articles

    • Syncing LDAP Custom Attributes

      This guide will help you to sync custom attributes from your AD server (at the bottom you will find a hands-on video teaching on how to fully integrate LDAP with 1) Go to Administration > Accounts > Registration and set the Custom ...
    • How can I change Rocket.Chat logo for my own?

      In order to change Rocket.Chat logo for your own (logo of your company), please, navigate to Administration -> Assets. There you will be able to change logo, login background and icon:  1. To change the logo (the one that is located under the chats ...
    • Where do the reported messages go?

      Rocket.Chat users can report a message if it contains unacceptable, offensive or abusive content or violates their community policies in any way.                                        Although there's no UI yet for accessing the reported messages, ...
    • How can I set up a custom domain?

      If you are on Silver or Golden plan and want to set up a custom domain, you will need to set up a CNAME DNS record for "domain_you_want" pointing to "" (for US region) and to "" (for EU region) - ...
    • I don't receive Push Notifications

      There are few configs that you need to attend to make your push messages to work. If you have already made sure that your server supports SSL (check how to set it up here) and set up your Push gateway (check on the instructions here) , you will need ...