Error: Outdated Server

Error: Outdated Server

App behavior: you are trying to connect to your server, but the following error message pops up:

Oops! The server you're trying to connect is using a version that's not supported by the app anymore: (your server version). 
We require version 0.70.0. 

- if your server is hosted on our Cloud - upgrade your server (if you are the admin on your server) to the version that is required (or higher) or to ask your server administrator to do it. 
- if you are on-prem (self-hosted) - do the upgrade using our GitHub source:

If you opt to not upgrade the server (please check our support policy before deciding here), you can downgrade to the older version of the app by downloading a respective APK file from one of our previous app releases here (Kotlin) or here (ReactNative). Unfortunately, iOS users do not have a possibility to downgrade to a previous version. 
Please note that this solution is only advised as a temporary action to keep you connected to the server until you upgrade to the newer supported version. 

If you face any troubles upgrading your server - let us know by submitting a ticket here on our Helpdesk or dropping us an email to
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