How to securely share user credentials with Rocket.Chat Support

How to securely share user credentials with Rocket.Chat Support

There are some cases where Rocket.Chat Support needs access to a customer's server in order to further troubleshoot a reported issue. This article describes the steps so this sharing can be done in a secure way.

  1. Rocket.Chat Support agent will share an invite link to an encrypted room on server. Click on the invite link in order to access the room.
    1. If you already have an user on, logon into the server. 
    2. If you don't have an user, please create an account by selecting the option "Register new account". In the first logon after creating the account, you will be prompted to save your encryption password:

    3. Click to view and save your encryption password. IMPORTANT: The encryption password is generated and displayed only once. Please save this password locally as this will be required to access the room. 
  2. Share the credentials with the Support agent within the encrypted room.  
Disclaimer: This room will be used only for credential sharing purposes. All the communication between Rocket.Chat Support and the customer is done inside our support portal ( or our support inbox (

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