I don't receive Push Notifications

I don't receive Push Notifications

There are few configs that you need to attend to make your push messages to work. 

If you have already made sure that your server supports SSL (check how to set it up here) and set up your Push gateway (check on the instructions here) , you will need to configure your Push notifications in the Admin UI. Please note that you must have the respective permissions on your workspace to be able to check these settings.

1. Check if Push is enabled in Administration -> Settings -> Push 

2. Configure the desirable default notifications logic under Administration -> Settings -> Accounts. Please note that once the same settings are changed in a users profile, they will be overwritten. 

If you enable the auto-away option, your status will change to away in a specified period of time, and you till get notifications on your phone after that, unless you choose to always receive Push regardless of your status, as shown below. That way you will always receive notifications both on your mobile and on the desktop/browser clients. 

You can also stop receiving Push messages from particular channels if they reached the max number of users specified in the settings above. 

3. If your notifications behaviour differs from the default values set in the Admin UI, you need to check what is configured under My Account -> Preferences

4. You can set different notification preferences for each room (private or public channel). If you don't receive Push messages from a room, it might be muted


5. If you have checked everything and still do not receive Push messages, please check if you have set the permissions on your iOS or Android device in the application settings. You will want to make sure that the notifications are allowed, and the app is not muted.

After looking through all the settings, you can try to send a test Push message to your mobile under Administration -> Settings -> Push and see if it works. 

If nothing of the above helps, please contact us by submitting a ticket or dropping an email to support@rocket.chat

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