Reporting issues with Rocket.Chat mobile app

Reporting issues with Rocket.Chat mobile app

Our mobile applications provide a lot of functionality, and its performance depends a lot on configurations made both on the server side and in the Admin UI. 
If you face any difficulty with the mobile app usage, please consider checking your settings or consulting with your server administrator first.

We can not communicate with you efficiently in the mobile reviews on Google Play Store and iOS App Store regarding your questions and issues. So if you happen to experience any difficulties or have any questions after checking all the possible settings of your workspace and application, please contact us here by submitting a ticket or drop us an email to so that we could help you out. 

To accelerate the process of communication, please provide us with the sufficient information about your issue. We will need to know the following:

1. Your OS (Android or iOS) and Rocket.Chat app version.
2. Your server version and the deployment method. 
3. Your OS version and device model. 
4. Exact steps to reproduce the issue.
5. Screenshots or screencast record where applicable. 

PLEASE NOTE that if you comment your review on app stores mentioning some issue or just expressing your emotions without prior or further talking to us at support channels or by email, we will NOT be able to help you improve your user experience in any way. We are always ready to help if you provide us with the necessary information. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. Let's make Rocket.Chats apps better together!
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