Mobile apps version 4.1.0 are logging me out or operating super slow

Mobile apps version 4.1.0 are logging me out or operating super slow

If you are on official Rocket.Chat application version 4.1.0 and older, and you happen to have issues with access (the app logs you out) or response time (the app does not synchronise the channel history or it takes longer than 10 second to load/send the messages), please consider subscribing to beta-testing on Google Play Market and TestFlight on App Store.
This will update your current Rocket.Chat app with the current beta version (4.2.0), that does not have any reported issues with connection or response time. 

Please make sure to report the unwanted app behaviour if the issues persist in the beta versions for you. 
We are currently investigating the problems that our community is complaining about, but we can not reproduce them on our environment so far. 
You can help us find the culprit by submitting efficient reports to or by using the in-app report button. The more information we have about the issues you are having, the better.

Please read how to report mobile apps issues here

Thank you for your support!

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