Snaps to Docker migration for Enterprise license

Snaps to Docker migration for Enterprise license

Rocket.Chat only provides Enterprise license keys for Docker installation, so far. If you have deployed Rocket.Chat using Snaps, here's as short guide for you on how to migrate. 

To install the Enterprise version using the data you have already on your Snap installation, you'll need first to backup the data from the Snap's MongoDB, and then restore that on an external MongoDB, that you'll use for the Enterprise installation.

To backup the data from you Snap installation you can use the following instructions:

After you do that, you'll have to decompress that backup file, and then use the "mongorestore" command to restore it:

To deploy Rocket.Chat Enterprise you can follow our guide to deploy regular Docker containers, just swap the image name by the Enterprise one, as stated here.

In case you still face any difficulties, please feel free to submit a ticket or open a topic on this Helpdesk, or drop us an email to

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