Where do the reported messages go?

Where do the reported messages go?

Rocket.Chat users can report a message if it contains unacceptable, offensive or abusive content or violates their community policies in any way. 


Although there's no UI yet for accessing the reported messages, you can still fetch them by looking directly at your MongoDB.
If you run Rocket.Chat on premises, you call the respective DB collection "rocketchat_reports"
  1. db.getCollection('rocketchat_reports').find({})
Example result:

    1. "_id" : "BNFJCqh6w2CgZ2Wq7"
    2. "message" : {
      1. "_id" : "smD46A2EswKvWWZrj"
      2. "rid" : "TEST"
      3. "msg" : "asd" 
      4. "ts" : ISODate("2020-04-01T07:04:06.352Z"), 
      5. "u" : { 
        1. "_id" : "PMoDaS4axRqkjY7er"
        2. "username" : "test28"
        3. "name" : "Sam" 
      6. }, 
      7. "_updatedAt" : ISODate("2020-04-01T07:04:06.409Z"), 
      8. "mentions" : [], 
      9. "channels" : [] 
    3. }, 
    4. "description" : "this message is offensive"
    5. "ts" : ISODate("2020-04-01T08:14:30.061Z"), 
    6. "userId" : "PMrDaS4axRqkjY7em"
    7. "_updatedAt" : ISODate("2020-04-01T08:14:30.061Z"
  1. }
The result shows who, where and when sent the reported message, as well as who and when has reported it. The message body is also stored. 

Meanwhile, we are planning to build a user-friendly solution for monitoring the unwanted content on Rocket.Chat servers in the Admin UI. 
We are thinking of creating a pre-configured private group where all the reported messages will appear. It is expected to be implemented in the Q3 2020. Stay tuned to our updates. 

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